About Whole Soul ‚Äč

Spiritual Life Coaching  

Overcome barriers and re-energize with support to help you find and live out your true passions.  Contact us for more details on how we can support your life journey.

Our Goals:

An ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, the Rev. Jessica Boyce believes we are all sacredly and blessedly made, with a purpose. Finding that purpose is part of the journey to wholeness. The United Methodist Church has the ability to be a transformational force in our world, but only when the gifted and graced future clergy stay with the strenuous ordination process and emerge from it empowered. This process can seem lonely and complicated, and our primary goal is to guide you through it with personalized support, compassion and a reminder that in the midst of the mess, God is always present. 

About Rev. Boyce: 

With a Masters in Divinity from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University and Coaching Certification from internationally recognized Coach Training Alliance in Boulder, CO, Rev. Boyce blends pastoral care, coaching, personal experience and theology to help you find success and fulfillment as you journey into ordained ministry. Taking family leave from pulpit ministry, Rev. Boyce missed the unique pastoral care that is working with ministry Candidates and started this new adventure. She has been working with candidates since 2012 and founded Whole Soul in 2014. She was honored to present Young Clergy Serving Historic Churches at the School for Congregational Development in 2013. In the summer of 2017, the Boyce family relocated to the Holston Conference in the mountains of Tennessee with her husband, Rev. Loren Boyce and two sons, Alexander and Zachary.  

Supported by a Board of Directors comprised of ordained clergy, current candidates and United Methodist laity, Whole Soul Consulting is a team committed to bringing you the most meaningful, relevant and personalized spiritual care for your ordination journey and beyond.  

You have a calling. We can discern it together.

Ordination Support

Spiritual Coaching to help you discern your calling and articulate it for Commissioning and Ordination in the United Methodist Church and so much more.