Church Transitions

Preparing to enter your first church following

Ordination, Commissioning or Licensing as a Local Pastor?  

You might be asking yourself a number of questions: 

  • What do I ask the outgoing pastor? 
  • How do I interpret the Church Profile? 
  • How do I connect with Leadership? 
  • How do I connect with all these new people? 
  • What do I say my first Sunday?
  • How do I set boundaries on my time and energy?
  • This church is in turmoil. How do I not get sucked into it? 
  • This church is hurting. How do I help heal it? 
  • This church is in financial trouble. How do I guide it? 
  • Seminary didn't actually teach me how to be a pastor. What am I doing? 

There are many Conference resources and workshops on good practices for church transition, but, for the most part, they are generic and conducted over one day in a group setting. The difference with Whole Soul Consulting is that we provide one-on-one support personalized to your ministry setting and needs, conducted for as long as you need. 

If you are preparing to enter your first pastorate, or if you've already gotten started and are finding yourself struggling, consider a few sessions with Rev. Jessica Boyce and Whole Soul Consulting. 

Fee Structure: 

Because each situation is unique, we offer a package program and sessions are tailored to meet your needs. 
The standard package is $400 for five 1 hour Skype sessions. 

The Paperwork Review package is $150 which includes a professional edit of your commissioning or ordination paperwork and a one hour discussion or mock interview session. 

Skype sessions are preferred, but sessions can also be conducted by phone. 

Please remember that for those who have been Commissioned, Conference Ministerial Education Funds may be available, or your local church may have pastoral education funds to support your ordination process.

Payment can be made using a credit card or check and are due prior to the first session. Checks can be mailed to Whole Soul Consulting c/o Heritage UMC, 7077 South Simms Street, Littleton, CO 80127.